Prince Alfred College Boarding House

Boarding Life

An enriching and rewarding experience for boys

Boarding life is about more than schoolwork and study. It is also about giving our boys enriching opportunities to become capable and confident young Princes Men who are well prepared for life beyond the College.

In their everyday boarding life, our boys can spend time with friends and have fun joining in recreational activities. When they need space, they can have quiet time in their rooms or one of the Boarding House break out areas designed to give our boys privacy and alone time when they need it.

Boarding school life is an enriching and empowering experience where our boys develop independence and take responsibility for their everyday activities.

Enjoying the weekend

On the weekend, we give our boys many recreational opportunities to balance their academic pursuits. Our sporting, social and other activities challenge our boys and enhance their wellbeing. Our weekend activities can include:

  • Social events with other boarding schools
  • Adventure sports (surfing, rock-climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming)
  • Tours of Adelaide attractions
  • Going to major sporting events
  • Recreation activities (movie nights, tenpin bowling, golf, go-karting)
  • Special interest classes (fitness, first aid, cooking, scuba diving)

Our boarders also have access to the College campus and facilities including sporting grounds, and RED Centre swimming and gymnasium. With the campus as their backyard, we encourage our boarders to make the most of the facilities available to them. 

Weekends are also the perfect time for boys to join in our many co-curricular opportunities

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Becoming leaders

Boarding school gives boys the chance to develop leadership skills for life. Our senior boarders help run the Boarding House with annual elections for the captain, vice-captain and prefects.

Our seniors take on leadership roles to:

  • Chair committees
  • Plan activities
  • Roster and supervise duties
  • Care for younger students as buddies
  • Uphold the rights and responsibilities of our boarders
  • Every boarder can show leadership by following the boarding school rules and contributing to the safety and wellbeing of all.

Taking leave

Time away from campus for shopping, entertainment, and other activities is important. Our leave system gives our boys independence and time to explore, and our location near Adelaide’s CBD gives them easy access to many educational and enrichment excursions.

Depending on their year level, our boys can take leave to:

  • Visit local shopping precincts
  • Join in sporting teams
  • Take weekend outings
  • Have a meal or see a movie
  • Visit friends and family overnight on weekends (approved hosts only)
  • We have strict rules and procedures to make sure our boys are safe while they are on leave. These include leave approval, sending boys out in groups and signing in and out.

Keeping in touch

While boarding life is full of fun activities and time with friends, we encourage each boy to maintain regular contact with their family back home. Our dedicated staff work in collaboration with boarding families to ensure each boy is supported to enjoy an enriching boarding experience.