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We educate young men to live a life of purpose, make a valued contribution to their communities and have a global perspective.

Throughout the curriculum we promote excellence and achievement through a range of academic pathways and delivery of subject matter that is appropriate in its level of challenge for the ages and aptitudes of all students. All students are given the opportunity to excel.  

We believe achievement is critical to the growth and confidence of a student, and we will not shy away from setting high standards and expecting our boys to rise to them.

It is the intellectual, cultural, social, and emotional needs of the students that drives our educational agenda and the development of our curriculum. In this endeavour, innovation in our curriculum is guided by an eye on the future but not bound to it.

At Princes, agency, commitment, and adaptability matters. Students are expected to actively immerse themselves in our learning community, the curriculum programmes, and pathways.

We believe that education is about far more than assessment and provide a curriculum that is organised by learning. All learning areas are valued, and we ensure there are ample opportunities for students to explore areas of interest.

A Princes education seeks to teach our boys how to think. Building deep, genuine knowledge in our students is essential. It is the key to skill development, critical, ethical, and creative thinking that will unlock their potential.

We value the specialist knowledge and expertise of our teachers along with their ‘craft of the classroom’. We believe in an explicit teaching approach. The teacher leads the classroom experience and relationships matter because working authentically and positively with students is at the heart of a Princes education.

Martin McKinnon
Director of Teaching and Learning 

Students study under the Australian Curriculum Framework until the end of Year 10. Information about our approach through these years is available at:

In Years 11 and 12 we offer both the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the South Australian Certificate of Education. Information about these programmes and the subjects available to students within them is available at:

Learning at Prince Alfred College is organised around the following faculties: