Tours & Excursions

Experiences for life

We offer a range of tours and excursions that build knowledge, confidence and capability in our boys. These opportunities are an integral part of our boys’ all-round education, helping each student to connect their learning with real-world experiences that stay with them for life.

National and international tours

Our range of national and international tours support our classroom learning, sporting pursuits and co-curricular extension. On tour, our boys connect with students from around the country and the world, sharing experiences, gaining knowledge, exploring new places and learning different perspectives.

Our tour offerings are based around our boys’ interests and needs, with staff and students suggesting activities that connect learning with real-world experiences. We dedicate specialist resources to developing enriching tour opportunities that enhance educational outcomes for our boys.

Previous tours have included:

  • United Kingdom cricket tour
  • New Zealand adventure tour
  • Wesley football exchange to Melbourne
  • Anzac Day in Gallipoli
  • Ski trip to Perisher
  • European history tour
  • Forensic science tour to Spain
  • Cambodia community service tour
  • Canberra civics tour
  • Spain and UK tennis tour
  • European battlefield tour


Specialist excursions, inspired by our unique location

Complementing our tours is a range of specialist excursions to various educational, cultural, artistic, sporting and special interest venues in and around Adelaide. Classroom teachers plan enriching activities and excursions, which make the most of the wide range of opportunities in the local area to support and extend our boys’ academic and co-curricular learning. Some examples include: 

  • Science trip to the Botanic Gardens
  • Science trip to the Adelaide Zoo
  • Cross Country in the adjacent Park Lands
  • Art Trip to the Art Gallery of South Australia. 

Outdoor education and camps

Outdoor education is a deeply embedded part of the all-round education offered at PAC. Our boys undertake challenges, build confidence and cement friendships through continued participation in our outdoor programs at our dedicated Scotts Creek and Wambana campuses.

Learn more about our outdoor education programs.