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11 June 2021

This term, our Cooper children have been exploring the lives of minibeasts!

Earlier this term some of our Cooper students found a family of grubs while digging in the bark chips. To get our brains thinking of the natural world we started our adventure on a nature walk around PAC. The children set off with their hats and baskets to collect all the things we found along the way.

First, we began walking along the red bricked path to the Prep School. As we were walking, we used our ears to listen to the sounds around us. We heard birds, planes, cars and crunching of leaves beneath our feet. Then the children used their eyes to look for nature all around us. They saw tall trees surrounded by the colourful autumn leaves on the ground below. Bright colours of yellow, orange, pink, red and brown filling the ground with life! Along the way we also used our noses to sniff and smell the fresh grass, flowers and autumn smells.

We found ourselves finishing our adventure in the Senior School at the Sacred Garden, that is filled with such a wide range of plants to explore with our eyes, ears and noses. It was a special adventure to discover the natural world of our PAC community.

Coney Rocca

Cooper Teacher

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