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5 March 2021

On Thursday 25 February the Preparatory School Years 3 to 6 gathered in the RED Centre for the annual swimming carnival.

It was a day of great competition and even better House spirit. The day began with a welcoming speech by our Sports Captains, Edward Marks and Jock Perry who set the scene for what proved to be a fantastic day of sport.

Each House competed wonderfully, doing their best and supporting their team mates. At the end of the day Watsford pipped Taylor by a mere 14 points to win their fourth championship in the last eight years; a strong swimming House.

It was pleasing to be able to have some parents attend to support their sons, and wonderful for parents who were not able to attend, to have the opportunity to view the event via the live streaming service that was offered to families. A video of the event is available now too.

I wish to thank a number of people who made the day such a huge success. Firstly, the Preparatory School staff for their work to marshal the boys and organise them for their events, Mrs Deb Trengove and the Year 11 students who did an outstanding job running the finish line and ensuring all events ran to schedule, and finally, Mr Sam Barton who once again organised and delivered an outstanding day of competition and fun for the boys and families of our school.

John Stewart
Head of Preparatory School

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