Giving back to the community, PAC Wambana Campus Leader Dale Hobbs, supports his local region.

Men’s health and wellbeing is a foundation for building happy families and strong communities. With a focus this week on National Men’s Health Week, we are proud to share with you a Yorke Peninsula community initiative, conducted by Dale Hobbs, Director of PAC’s Wambana Campus. The Prince Alfred College purpose is; “To discover, nurture and […]

To tour another country as part of a school sporting team adds a valuable dimension to this experience.

PAC is a school with a unique record in cricket. The Prince Alfred College 2017 United Kingdom Cricket Tour departed for London on Thursday 22 June 2017 and returned to Adelaide on Friday 14 July 2017. 17 of Prince Alfred College’s top performing cricketers and 4 support staff, participated in what was a unique opportunity. Our […]

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Physical Literacy in Schools

Physical Literacy in Schools Just by the very fact you are reading this article predetermines your ability to understand the means of common written communication. It equally determined that your ability to understand this article has been a skill that you have developed over the span of your life. You have added to your ability […]

A Few Things We Can Learn From Kids Sports

I am sure, like me, you find something really enjoyable about watching children play. There is so much to love about the way children embrace the opportunities that sports present to them. Obviously there are so many wonderful benefits in playing sports. The benefits of leading a healthy life are well known. Not only are […]

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The advantage of playing multi sports

Wandering the sports grounds of Princes on any given afternoon is a joy. On every oval, court and pitch you can find boys pouring themselves wholeheartedly into activities that they love. The passion, fun and learning are clearly evident. We are truly blessed to have boys who love to play. With this in mind, a […]