Summer intercol 2024

Summer Intercol 2024

Welcome to Summer Intercol 2024

Welcome to the playing fields, pools and courts for the playing of the 155th Summer Intercol between Prince Alfred College and St Peter’s College. The Intercol is the culmination of a long summer season; a season that for some of our students commenced in the winter months of last year.

Congratulations to the grounds team and all the officials for their hard work and dedication through the season as they have guided our boys in the ongoing development of their skills, fitness and character. Within our two schools we impress upon our boys the importance of playing these Intercols under the umbrella of sportsmanship and humility. There is nothing more important, as it sets a wider example to the younger students within our respective communities. Mr Browning and I are united in continuing to ensure these standards are adhered to. 

The Cricket Intercol, which is where our great friendship and rivalry commenced, remains the oldest continuous cricket competition in the world, and remains a source of great pride for those fortunate enough to participate. We will seek to ensure over this week of competition that our boys soak up the atmosphere they are part of but also that they take time to reflect on how fortunate they are to be part of such a fantastic series of matches and races. 

We look forward to seeing you around the grounds and wish all boys and coaches the best for the week ahead.

David Roberts | Headmaster