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Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

A quality education preparing boys for life

At Prince Alfred College Senior School, our boys work hard to achieve their personal best through their final schooling years as we prepare them to make important decisions about their future. With a focus on academic excellence, wide-ranging co-curricular offerings and personalised pastoral care, our boys become young men of character, ready to flourish in the world. 

Academic excellence 

At Prince Alfred College, we prioritise a knowledge-rich curriculum to educate the whole boy and teach them how to achieve excellence during and beyond their time at school.

Our focus on a holistic education prepares our boys to succeed in a continually changing world. Our Senior School delivers high-quality teaching and an environment where boys are encouraged to strive for excellence as they explore their areas of academic interest.

A flexible curriculum

In the Senior School, we offer flexible curriculum options allowing each boy to tailor his best path to success. Boys can choose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The IBDP delivers a robust and rewarding curriculum which allows boys to achieve high levels of academic success. The curriculum provides a holistic education, breadth and depth of knowledge, and the opportunity to flourish intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically.

Our boys consistently achieve globally outstanding results through the IBDP, and the credential is highly regarded by top universities in Australia and around the world. 


South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

The SACE delivers a strong overall education which opens up many pathways for our boys to move into university study, vocational education or employment. The SACE equips students with skills, knowledge and personal capabilities through a broad range of educational experiences.

Boys seeking vocational paths have the opportunity to incorporate some vocational education and training as part of their SACE.

Our boys consistently achieve strong results in the SACE, and each year we have many boys awarded Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATARs) above 95. 


Year 10 syllabus

Our Year 10 program focuses on each boy discovering the best pathway for their senior years. In Year 10, our boys study a range of core subjects in addition to three enriching elective choices and our ‘Princes Project’. Through high-quality teaching and a broad range of educational experiences, our boys explore and develop their interests as they prepare to make informed decisions about their education in Years 11 and 12.

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Academic enrichment

It is our belief that education should serve to create intelligent, cultured and interesting young men; individuals that are ready and able to join the ‘conversation of mankind’, to quote Michael Oakeshott. Our academic enrichment program is designed to develop in students a love of learning and genuine expertise across a range of subjects. 

Two academic extension teachers are allocated to each year group in the secondary school, each with a different focus and approach. The teachers’ brief is to broaden the educational experience, by introducing new areas of study, and encouraging critical and creative thought. Many of the themes the boys explore overlap, and this is important. For example, one’s appreciation of a work of art is enhanced by an understanding of historical context.


Vibrant learning spaces

The College’s state-of-the-art facilities support our boys’ ongoing learning and development. With specialist spaces for science, art, music, drama, sport and more, our learning environments are a vital part of delivering excellence in an all-round education. In the Middle and Senior Schools, the Frederic Chapple library offers a space where boys have access to an extensive collection of physical and online resources to support their learning.

Academic support and extension

Our teaching and learning programs encourage boys to develop their natural curiosity and love of learning, and we expect every student to strive to achieve their best in all subjects. Through regular assessment, we monitor how each boy is performing and identify any needs for support or academic extension.

To help our senior boys achieve excellence in their learning, each student has an assigned teacher as a tutor to guide their success and assist with personalised academic and pastoral care support.

In the Prince Alfred College Senior School, enrichment and extension programs run parallel to our standard curriculum with boys encouraged to broaden and deepen their knowledge across a range of areas. In the senior years, we focus on realising the potential of every student and nurture each boy’s understanding of his personal interests and strengths, so he can begin to understand the place he wants to make for himself in the world.


In the Senior School, a habit of regular homework and revision is essential to consolidate learning and prepare for exam periods. Homework also encourages our boys to develop habits of self-discipline, responsibility and organisation, which will serve them well as they move beyond their schooling years.



Our extensive co-curricular program is integral to developing young men of wide-ranging interests and enhanced capability as part of the well-rounded education offered at PAC. Our boys discover their passions, broaden their knowledge and develop wide-ranging skills through co-curricular opportunities including sport, chess, debating, public speaking, performing arts, community service and outdoor education.

In the Senior School, boys further develop and consolidate their leadership skills as camp leaders, academic tutors and managers of school-wide community service projects. 

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Pastoral care

Quality pastoral care is essential to the development of a Princes Man as a well-rounded and knowledgeable man of courage, kindness and principles. Our pastoral care program focuses on developing character and compassion as part of an all-round education that nurtures the unique qualities and interests of each boy as they become the best young men they can be.

Our team of educators, counsellors, Chaplain and support staff work together to provide a safe and supportive place of belonging for every Senior School boy. Guided by our mantra of, ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ we make sure our boys know they are cared for, respected and valued as they thrive on their journey to becoming a Princes Man.