Indigenous Student Support

At Prince Alfred College, We support all aspects of personal growth including academic, emotional, cultural, social, spiritual and physical development.  Students are able to access this support and mentorship via Indigenous mentors, Elders and PAC staff.  Our enthusiastic staff are knowledgeable and respectful of Indigenous cultures, able to build relationships with students and their families, as well as enlist the respect and cooperation of other school staff.  They avail themselves continually of further cultural learning and seek appropriate guidance and advice when forming strategic direction.

Monica Magann
Indigenous Student Support Officer.

Monica consults and engages with local Elders, families, educators and Indigenous mentors.  She also works as the careers counsellor and is able to assist students with their career goals beyond Prince Alfred College.  In 2013 she coordinated the Nation2Nation Cultural Exchange Program to the United States. The Aboriginal Student Team received an invitation from then President Barack Obama and the First Lady to tour The White House!  After their visit, they received a thank you letter from Mr Obama.

Darren Roylett
Head of Boarding and Director of Boys’ Education.

Darren greatly values Indigenous culture and has many years of experience supporting Indigenous students in their boarding, educational and wellbeing needs.

The College has a whole-of-school support approach for achieving successful outcomes with Indigenous students.  Staff under the leadership of our Special Education Needs Coordinator, Damian Coats, monitor the progress of all students.  Student Well-Being Coordinator, Janine Tuffery plays a critical role in providing confidential counselling services to students. The team liaises with staff and parents to support student well-being in both individual and general terms.

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How to Apply

Please contact Mr Darren Roylett at Prince Alfred College on (08) 8334 1243 or email him on to get details on how to apply.

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