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List of Scholarships

List of our scholarships

These scholarships are offered thanks to the generous support of our donors.

Brett Gooden Space Science Scholarship

The Brett Gooden Space Science Scholarship supports a student who hopes to achieve a career in space science or in the aerospace industry. Dr. Gooden (PAC 1953-1960) places great emphasis on encouraging young people to take advantage of the extensive career opportunities opening up in these areas in South Australia.

Brett Williamson Scholarship

The Brett Williamson Scholarship commemorates the life of Brett Williamson (1992-96) and supports a student who has a particular interest in Art, Design and/or Photography. 

Bruck and Betty Wheeler Scholarship

The Bruck and Betty Wheeler Scholarship commemorates the association with Prince Alfred College of Bruce Page ‘Bruck’ Wheeler (PAC 1923-25) and his wife Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Wheeler.

Colin Hassell Scholarship

The Colin Hassell Scholarship recognises the contribution to the architectural profession and to the College of the late Mr Colin Hassell AO (PAC 1919-28). The scholarship aims to support students with all-round capabilities wishing to pursue a career of their choice. 

Edward Hunt Boarding Scholarship

The Edward Hunt Boarding Scholarships commemorate the life of Edward Hunt (1878-1951) and have been made possible through the estate of his daughter, Mrs Torrie Chapman (1921-2016). The scholarships support students who are considering pursuing a career in agriculture, primary industry or a related field. 

Geoffrey Bean Boarding Scholarship

The Geoffrey Bean Boarding Scholarship recognises the outstanding contribution to the life of the College by its seventh Headmaster, Geoffrey Bean AM, who served from 1970-87 and his appreciation for the contribution of the Boarding community to the life of the College. 

Grasby Scholarship

Established by Mr James Grasby in 1871 to support a student with an interest in commerce, business or related areas.

Indigenous Scholarships

These are made at the discretion of the Headmaster and vary in number and value from year to year.

Jim Lang Scholarship 

The Jim Lang Scholarship honours the contribution to Prince Alfred College of James Thomas Lang (PAC 1927-1933) who served on the College Council from 1961 - 1976, and was established in his memory by his widow, Mrs Jean Lang. 

J. R. Robertson Scholarship

James Robertson was a student from 1881-84, served as a member of staff from 1885-1919 and was the first Master in Charge of the Preparatory School from 1911-19. The Scholarship was established as the result of a number of gifts, with major support from South Australian Freemasons. 

Ken Lord Family Boarding Scholarship

The Scholarship has been made possible through the generosity of Mr. Ken Lord (PAC 1940-44) and his family, and supports boys from remote areas for whom distance is a factor in their education. 

Kirkby Family Scholarship

The Kirkby Family Scholarship has been made possible by the generosity of the Kirkby family for a boy who is committed to giving 110% effort as recipient of the scholarship. 

Linden Boer Scholarship

Was established through a bequest from Miss Eva Boer in memory of her brother, Mr Max Boer (PAC 1933-38).

Llewellin and Margaret Davey Scholarship

The Llewellin and Margaret Davey Scholarship recognises the contribution to Prince Alfred College and the wider community of Dr Llewellin Davey (PAC 1899-1907) and his daughter Miss Margaret Davey CBE.

Margaret Jolly Scholarship

Endowed through a bequest from Miss Margaret Jolly in memory of her father, Mr Norman Jolly (PAC 1893-98), South Australia’s first Rhodes Scholar. 

Murray Evens Scholarship

The Murray Evens Scholarship was endowed by Mr Murray Evens (PAC 1939-40) to support a boy who would not otherwise be able to attend Prince Alfred College for part or all of his secondary education. 

Neil Andary Scholarship

The Neil Andary Scholarship recognises the contribution to Prince Alfred College of Neil Andary (1977) as a member of staff 2004-2019 in a number of leadership roles and, in particular, as a long-serving Head of the Preparatory School.

Neil Smart Scholarship

The Neil Smart Scholarship was endowed by Mr Neil Smart (PAC 1930) to support students boarding at PAC from regional or rural Australia.

Richard Thorne Scholarship

The Richard Thorne Scholarship recognises the significant contribution to the game of Chess in South Australia and at Prince Alfred College by Mr Richard Thorne.

Rolland May Music Scholarship

This scholarship recognises the significant contribution of the College's principal music teacher Rolland May to music education at Princes. 

Samuel Fiddian Scholarship

Recognises the College’s first Headmaster, Mr Samuel Fiddian (1869-70).

Shierlaw Scholarship

Established by a bequest from George Shierlaw (PAC 1884-85)

Sir Thomas Elder Scholarship

Established in 1897 through a bequest from the philanthropist Sir Thomas Elder GCMG.

Thorne Family Music Scholarship

Established through the generosity of Mr and Mrs R.E. Thorne to support students with demonstrated interest in playing the cello and/or piano. 

Tom Keane Information Technology Scholarship

The Tom Keane Information Technology Scholarship was established by Thomas Keane (PAC 1989-1996) to support students with a demonstrated interest in Information Technology.

Wirrabara 110 Scholarship

The Wirrabara 110 Scholarship was established by an Old Scholar to support students from diverse backgrounds to attend PAC.

Our scholarship program is made possible through the generosity of donors through the Prince Alfred College Foundation Scholarship Fund. The College is very grateful to members of its community who have contributed to the scholarship program.

For more information about ways in which you can support, please contact Alice Turnbull, Executive Officer, Prince Alfred College Foundation at aturnbull@pac.edu.au.