As a leader of Boarding Schools in Australia our Boarding House aims to provide an environment that caters for a wide range of student abilities, interests and needs with a particular focus on academic, sporting, cultural and citizenship development in a Christian and caring environment.

We seek to provide every student with opportunities to develop leadership skills, resilience and persistence and to be exposed to a challenging, differentiated educational experience that will help them realise their full potential.

When a boy enters the Boarding community at Princes he embarks upon a journey that presents him with a myriad of experiences both life and learning from which he will emerge a competent, worldly young man who is ready and willing to make a significant contribution to his local community and the world.

Your son will learn about the College, its traditions and develop an appreciation for the potential that this has to offer him. He will be reminded of the expectations of his own family and of the Princes boarding family that will guide and oversee his education away from home.

To assist him along this journey will be a team of committed, experienced boarding house staff members, the boarding house prefects and his own peers. Together this group will facilitate his involvement in the life of the school. In this respect he will not want for opportunities to achieve his very best.

Our aim as a leader in private school education, is to provide each boarder with the framework to achieve excellence in all that he does. We proudly celebrate boys’ achievements in their academic studies, on the sporting field, in a wide array of non-sporting extra-curricular pursuits and in community service programs.

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