For almost 150 years of the College’s life, a wonderful sense of community has flourished. Boys who have been educated here are affectionately known as ‘Old Reds’ and are welcome at many of our functions around the world.

Some families have sent their sons to the College for a number of generations, some of which are still related to early students and their families.

Today’s community is sustained by the boys themselves, their families, staff, old scholars, past parents, Grandparents and the Prince Alfred Old Collegians’ Association. Support for educational programs, sporting events, cultural activities, special presentations and ongoing philanthropy through the Prince Alfred College Foundation define our community. It is one of mutual recognition, respect and support.

Active roles are carried out by the Friends of PAC, Prince Alfred Old Collegians’ Association, Prince Alfred College Foundation and various parent support groups. All activities are characterised by fun and a commitment to what is best for the College.

You are encouraged to join one of these important organisations and make a great contribution to the future development of boys’ lives at Prince Alfred College.