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2022 International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) Conference

22 July 2022

During the holidays, four PAC delegates attended the 2022 International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) Conference in Dallas, Texas, hosted by St Marks School of Texas.

The PAC staff who attended included Russell Thompson 2020-22 Boys and Technology IBSC Action Research Scholar, Andrew Edge 2022-23 Shattering Stereotypes IBSC Action Research Scholar, Michelle Fragomeni 2022 Motivating Language Learners Brian Webber Scholarship and Chris McGuire PAC Head of Boys’ Education and Professional Learning.

60 schools from the United States furnished just over 400 delegates, and a further 50 schools from elsewhere sending another 120 attendees. St Marks School of Texas was breathtaking, a perfect summer setting for a fabulous conference. The conference theme “Path to Manhood” was honoured consistently and authentically throughout. Keynote speakers were brilliant and diverse. David Brooks’ and Julie Lythcott-Haims’ insights as to what good pastoral support looks like for boys on the “Path to Manhood” were inspiring.

Capacity and attitudes of staff and students of St Mark’s were impressive. All seemed genuinely grateful to teach and learn there. The strength of community was on show everywhere one looked and alumni (“Marksmen”) were celebrated in lots of interesting ways. Generousness of spirit and warm hospitality prevailed and the two conference functions (Old Parkland and Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science) were extraordinarily memorable events. As was the North Dallas “Taco & BBQ” tour!

The four PAC delegates are now working to see the wonderful experience and fabulous insights are shared across the whole College community.

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