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2024 International Student Leaders Announced

19 March 2024

Our international student community has come together to celebrate the 2024 International Student Captains.

With great pride and enthusiasm, Ms White, the International Student Coordinator at Prince Alfred College, announced the new leaders for the international student community during a recent school assembly. Ivan Ng was bestowed with the Captain of International Students, while Alan Wei was appointed as the Vice-Captain. Both individuals were elected for their exceptional qualities and their dedication, leadership, and commitment to fostering inclusivity within the international student community at the College.

The International Students Reception and Lunar New Year Celebration was held on 13 February. In his inaugural address as Captain, Ivan Ng extended a warm welcome to all attendees, including new international students in Middle and Senior School and our Prep School boys. He emphasised the importance of embracing diversity and encouraged students to seek support from the school community as they navigate their educational journey. Ivan's message resonated deeply with his peers, emphasising the significance of cultural celebrations such as the recent Lunar New Year, which was commemorated with enthusiasm and unity.

Alan Wei as Vice-Captain, delivered a poignant speech highlighting the symbolism of the Dragon in Chinese culture. Drawing parallels between the Dragon's attributes of leadership and bravery and the experiences of international students, Alan highlighted the importance of resilience and unity in overcoming challenges. He urged his fellow students, particularly Year 12 students embarking on their final year, to strive for personal growth and academic excellence while supporting one another along the way.

As the international student community embarks on the academic year ahead, their commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and personal growth serves as a testament to the vibrant culture of Princes community.

Congratulations to Ivan Ng and Alan Wei on their appointments, and best wishes to all international students for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.