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A fantastic start to the debating season

14 May 2021

The PAC debating society started off the year with an excellent first round.

Our two Junior teams had a win and a loss debating the topic “Schools should abolish tests.” Our three Intermediate B teams were all victorious debating that: “Students should learn life and household skills in school.” An impressive feat considering several of our Inter B members have never debated before. Our Intermediate A teams both narrowly lost to Wilderness school debating that, “Journalists and editors who publish fake news should be subject to criminal punishments.”

Our Senior B team performed admirably against Seymour winning by a four-point margin on their topic, “That we regret the teaching of religion in schools.” Lastly our senior A team narrowly defeated Saints in a mini-Intercol on the topic, 'We regret the Coalition's recently-passed law that forces Facebook and Google to pay news providers to link to them.”

Special mention goes to Max Thomas and Kyan Jenkins, who both gave incredible speeches at third speaker to achieve victory for the Senior B and Senior A teams respectively. All in all, a strong showing of PAC’s debating capabilities and proof that we are starting the year off on the right foot. The future of PAC debating is bright and our teams are as ready and sharp as ever to take on the challenges that the rest of the season will bring.

Rahul Ravindran
Year 11