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18 November 2021

Exams, social activities, and training opportunities have brought plenty of action over the past two weeks in boarding.

Year 12s exams took focus throughout Weeks 4 and 5. This time of year is always one of mixed emotions for our Year 12 boarders: hard work and nerves in the preparation for final exams, excitement and wonder about leaving school and entering the world of adulthood, and the fondness of looking back over the journey that has been schooling and boarding at Princes. Boarding is a truly unique experience, with many of our boys reflecting on this during their final days with us and commenting about their realisation that this is the last time they will be truly all together with their peers. This is a somber realisation but illustrates the strong bond that forms between PAC boarders. With our Year 12s of 2021 now all departed, we congratulate them on their achievements, wish them all the best in their future pursuits, and encourage them to cherish the time they spent together in boarding. Although now apart, these friendships will always remain.

Our Year 10s and 11s are hard at work too this week, studying hard and completing their end of year examinations. The Boarding House has been a hive of study, and this will continue into next week as our Middle School boys also prepare for their exams in Week 7.

The Boarding Activities Program continues to provide rich opportunities for boys to engage in events and opportunities for experiences and training. Highlights over the past two weeks have been viewing the new Marvel Movie, Eternals, SCUBA diving at Port Noarlunga, and trying the new Shanx Mini Golf at Regency Park. Our junior boys also enjoyed hosting other Middle School boarders from St Peters, Wilderness, Walford, and Seymour for our friendly Junior Boarders Ten Pin Bowling Intercol on Friday evening. All students had a great time bowling, chatting, and playing arcade games. Special mention must be made to our prize winners: Joe Grundy (Year 9) for highest score (139), Angus Hodges (Year 8) for most strikes (5), and Emma of Seymour for first strike of the night (second frame).

Finally, it was a marvelous day on Sunday to have seven boarders participate in trial instructional flights with the crew at Adelaide Biplanes down at Aldinga Aerodrome, made possible through the generosity of Mrs Torrie Chapman and the Mundulla Fund. The boys were given hands-on experience in aviation, each undertaking a 1-hour instructional flight with an instructor and taking the controls to the plane for majority of this time. The session serves as an introduction to boys looking to undertake further studies to attain their Recreational Pilot Certificate and beyond and was as enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all boys involved.

As we approach the final Exeat weekend for the year, was also look towards a busy final two weeks with New Boarders’ Transition, our final weekend of Boarding Activities, and the Boarding House Christmas Dinner on the final Thursday night of the term. We look forward to seeing you in boarding soon.

William Bittner
Senior Residential Assistant – Year 11s and Boarding Activities

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