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3 November 2021

This term in Cooper, we have noticed a growing interest in children finding avenues to express their thoughts and ideas through the language of mark making.

This has sparked discussions on what lines and attributes children know how to make and what images they can create by combining different marks. Children have looked at different shapes and even noticed the varied sizes of lines different writing implements leave on paper.

The children have developed an awareness that mark-making can further support and explain their thinking. They are taking opportunities to impart their developing mark making skills to enrich contributions to discussions and to explore emerging ideas and curiosities. With every intentional stroke of a pen, pencil, texta, or even sticks, children make meaning of concepts and are often thrilled to share completion of their work and participation. To further challenge our learners, the children are currently adding their marks on a challenge chart and are proud of their effort on working independently or with some aid from their educators. With our current inquiry into feelings and emotions, we are sure that the children will continue to apply this important skill as a form of self- expression and beyond.

Coney Rocca
Cooper Teacher

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