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19 February 2021

New faces, new beginnings, new adventures!

It has been a busy and fun start to the year in the four-year-old Angwin room. There have been many new beginnings and celebrations, with a new group of children starting in Angwin and a new teacher joining the class! There have been new faces to meet and many new things to learn.

So it was fitting to celebrate Chinese New Year as best we could!

The children enjoyed the celebrations and immersed themselves in all that was offered.

They made lanterns, banners and drums and especially enjoyed learning about all the celebrations and traditions. The Angwin children performed the play of Nian the Beast and a lot was learnt during our Chinese lessons. The lion dance, was of course, a highlight!

We hope that the Year of the Ox is a great one for everyone- we know it will be for the Angwin children. 

The lion dance was really good. I liked the red one and the blue one- so fluffy. Actually, it was too noisy.


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