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5 February 2021

Summer came and what a joy it was! It brought some much needed rain and sunshine for our ELC students to enjoy.

For our ELC students the welcome wet weather meant spending a great deal of time in our vegetable garden, either planning for crops to plant, getting the patch ready and having excited hearts for what the garden would gift us in the end.

The children have been very active stewards of their garden and always jump at opportunities to water the plants, pull out weeds and harvest a few ripe produce. Now that we have our ELC chickens back, we will definitely have more veggies to share with them, on top of some scraps from our kitchen.

Our garden has offered a lot of our ELC children a variety of opportunities for learning. This might be learning about the life cycle of a plant, how things grow, a place to spend time with a friend, and even just to take a quiet moment to watch butterflies or bees as they flutter by for a visit and a feed.

As another season approaches, we wonder what the children will come up with, as they think about what life will thrive in the garden and what work with our hands would be necessary for another bountiful harvest in Autumn.

Coney Rocca
ELC Teacher

Gallery Image Template 0000 Ziyan watering the garden Gallery Image Template 0001 Jimmy checking on our tomatoes Gallery Image Template 0002 Jeremy spotting a bee on the sunflower Gallery Image Template 0003 Harvey watering the plants Gallery Image Template 0004 Charis painting a sunflower from our garden Gallery Image Template 0005 a little harvest