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19 November 2021

This fortnight we celebrated one of the most highly anticipated evenings on the Prep School calendar, the Year 6 Mothers and Sons Dinner.

Mothers and Sons

On Friday 12 November, the Preparatory School enjoyed an exceptional evening, where the young men of Year 6 hosted their mothers at a special dinner event. The night was an opportunity for our boys to thank their mothers for all they do for them.

The bond between mother and son is a special one. A mother protects her son, teaches him how to love, and watches him grow into something promising. For a mother, her son, no matter how old he gets, will always be her baby. A boy wants for nothing because his mother looks after him. He listens to the advice in his mother's words, and often no one else is more important in his life than her.

Friday’s event was an opportunity for our Year 6 boys to show the best side of being a Princes Man. It was clear that fathers had had the talk with their sons about how to be the perfect date for their mothers. Doors were opened and arms extended to guide mothers to and from the dining hall where the boys shared the gifts they had made as well as the poems they had written for their mothers. One of the highlights of the evening was the song each boy sang to his mother, ‘The Perfect Fan’. There were not many dry eyes in the house as the boys took another opportunity to openly share their love for their mothers.

At the end of the evening, the boys escorted their mothers to the Piper Pavilion where they shared a dance they learnt during the term. They performed this dance very well and, with the usual fan favourites of YMCA and ‘the chicken dance’, dancing was a very special finale to the evening.

The evening was also an opportunity for the College to say thank you to the Year 6 mothers. We are greatly appreciative of the support that mothers and families give our College, allowing us to educate and work with these excellent young boys, watching them grow into fine young men.

It is important to note that events like this do not just happen. I want to thank Mrs Deb McKay for overseeing the organising, supported by Mr Russell Thompson, Mr Tom Hunter, and Mrs Rebecca O’Leary. The team planned every detail to ensure a remarkable evening for mothers and their sons. I also want to thank the facilities team led by Ms Sophie Davies who ensured the venue was presented beautifully, as well as Mr Simon Muir and the kitchen staff who provided the outstanding food. Thank you also to Ms Nichole Runge for teaching the boys their song, and to Mr Jason Coleman for providing dance lessons.

The evening was one to remember for all involved. I look forward to the opportunity of enjoying the event next year with our 2022 Year 6 mothers and boys.

John Stewart
Head of Preparatory School

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