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19 February 2021

The summer break saw a great deal of work being undertaken throughout the Preparatory School.

New learning spaces were created in the Year 6 and Year 3 areas and a new art room has been installed. Two classrooms were remodelled to create much larger learning areas; bag storage areas were improved, removing the previous areas that took up over 20% of the available space. The new design provides space for the boys to store their belongings but ensures a much more open learning environment for the boys to spread out and enjoy. The new art room has been a complete redevelopment of the old AV room. New floor, storage, technology and furniture have been added to provide a wonderful and inviting space to enthuse the boys as they develop their creative skills.

The work that has taken place this summer is a precursor to the work we will do on the remaining Year 3 to 6 classrooms. The prototypes will be reviewed and a final design approach for the other classrooms will be decided in consultation with the class teachers. The new classroom designs will be a significant improvement to the boys’ environment and provide many benefits to their learning.

John Stewart
Head of Preparatory School

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