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19 November 2021

In this week's article, Headmaster Fenner discusses vaccinations, the recent Our Princes Men Gallery Induction, staffing matters and more.

Parent vaccination requirements
I imagine that most parents would be aware of the Emergency Management Direction issued by the Commissioner of Police on Tuesday in relation to Education and Early Childhood Settings.

Under this Direction, COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for all people who work in schools and ELCs, together with contractors, members of school governing bodies and volunteers/parent helpers. All people in these categories must be fully vaccinated, or have one dose of an approved vaccination and a booking to receive a second dose by 10 December 2021.

Parents and families attending parent teacher interviews, school events, playgroups, parenting programs or similar, are not required to be vaccinated, as long as they are not working or volunteering at the event, and COVID safe measures are being followed.

We have advised all staff about these arrangements and are now letting parent volunteers know so that you will be able to make the appropriate arrangements. We will write to parents early next week, providing details of how to submit vaccination certificates to enable you to act as a volunteer.

Thank you for your assistance in putting these measures into effect.

Our Princes Men Gallery Induction
On Tuesday, November 9, we were delighted to welcome Old Scholar, past parent and former Chair of Council John Keeves to Secondary School Assembly to be inducted into Our Princes Men Gallery. Having been a boarder at the College from 1977 to 1981, John studied Law and Economics at the University of Adelaide. He has had a distinguished legal career, specialising in large and complex merger and acquisition transactions as well as a range of corporate governance and practice matters.

In addition, John has given great service to Prince Alfred College as a member of the Foundation Board and then as a Council member, culminating in six years as Chair of Council (2014-19). During his time as Chair, the College made a number of strategic major property purchases, as well as the construction of our outstanding boarding facility. John was also Chair throughout our sesquicentenary celebrations, and played a major part in their success.

In my address about John, I noted that he is motivated solely by the desire to use his talents to serve wherever he can, rather than seeking recognition. John gave an outstanding speech where he focused on the five ways in which the boys should give to achieve fulfilling, rewarding lives. It was a pleasure to recognise this outstanding Princes Man in this way.

Year 12 Examinations
Year 12 examinations are now complete and overall seem to have gone well. Both students and teachers felt that the examinations were a fair assessment of the curriculum covered and students reported feeling that they were well-prepared. We will look forward to receiving the results in due course and will advise our community as soon as these become available.

We periodically receive complaints from residents on Capper Street about the lack of courtesy by some people using Capper Street for drop-off and pickup. Can I ask that parents please exercise appropriate respect and courtesy for residents living on that street? In particular, drivers should not park in front of driveways while waiting to collect their sons. Given the amount of traffic on the street at certain times, both foot and vehicle, drivers should also ensure that they drive at a low speed at all times. We thank you for your assistance in this regard.

We are in the final stages of resolving our staffing appointments for next year, which is always a complex process with many factors playing a part. I am pleased to advise the following appointments and other changes.

Daniel Cibich will join us as Director of the Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre. After schooling at St John's College, Whyalla, Daniel completed a Bachelor of Business Management at the University of South Australia. After a varied career, involving military service and work in marketing and business development, Daniel has worked for the last 11 years with the Outward Bound Trust in the UK. In this role he worked with a range of schools in providing opportunities for challenging and developing young people in the outdoor environment.

Dylan Pippett has been appointed as a Senior Resident Assistant in boarding and teacher of Outdoor Education. Dylan will be known to many as he has been working in our Boarding House for the last few years whilst studying. He has now completed a Bachelor of Human Movement and Masters of Teaching from the University of South Australia.

Emma Sandford will join us as a teacher in the Preparatory School, with effect from the beginning of next year. Emma has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Canberra and Diploma of Children's Services from the Canberra Institute of Technology. Since 2019 she has worked at the Australian International School in Singapore as a Junior Primary teacher and Head of Year.

Stephanie Moffat will join us as a teacher in the Junior Primary section of the Preparatory School. Having completed her schooling at Walford, Stephanie has degrees in Arts and Education from Flinders University. After graduating, she undertook relief teaching and then contracts at Adelaide primary schools, before moving to the UK where she taught in a primary school in Aylesbury.

Tricia Briggs will join us as a Humanities teacher in the Secondary School next year. Tricia has recently relocated to Adelaide from Sydney, where she had taught at Roseville College, an independent girls’ school. Prior to this she worked in senior roles at St Augustine's College, a Catholic boys’ school in Brookvale. Tricia has a Bachelor of Arts and Primary Education from the University of New England and is an experienced teacher of Humanities and English.

Scott Nystrom will move from his current supervisory role in boarding to the Boarding House Parent role that had been vacated by Pam Oliver earlier in the year.

Bonnie Dawson will be Acting Team Leader for Junior Primary in 2022 while Heather O'Hara is on leave.

Secondary School Counsellor, Rachel Tarn, has resigned from PAC with effect from the end of this year, to take up a counselling position at Trinity College. I would like to thank Rachel for her excellent work in this important role over the last four years.

RED Centre Operations Manager Will Bergus resigned from Prince Alfred College with effect from November 12. I would like to acknowledge Will’s good work in this role over the past 15 months. Following Will Bergus’ departure, Nick Rees will be Acting RED Centre Operations Manager for the time being.

Bradley Fenner