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29 June 2022

On Friday June 3 our Early Learning Centre officially unveiled our new Acknowledgement of Country plaque with senior Elder, Uncle John Lochowiak.

We were honoured that during this busy Reconciliation Week Uncle John could conduct Welcome to Country. He shared with us that it is important that we walk together, because when we do that we learn about each other, and then Smoking Ceremony, to cleanse our space, and additionally, to encourage good health and wellbeing.

Our Acknowledgement of Country plaque is the culmination of a long-term inquiry that our ELC community undertook as a way for us to begin to understand connection and care of Country.

Our journey to choose Ngakala, the Rainbow Lorikeet, is displayed in the ELC foyer.

Please have a look!

Melissa Prest
Angwin Room Teacher - Early Learning Centre

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