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15 June 2022

As our semester one classes draw to a close, the gallery has never looked better!

We have the Year 7’s gorgeous ‘Bumblebees and Butterflies’ prints – utilising the brown, unbleached paper, providing such a beautiful contrast with our yellow and black prints. They have also been learning the importance of creating the illusion of depth in their artwork. Incorporating their newly acquired skills and techniques of perspective has elevated their compositions.

The big, lush leaves from our Year 9 boys’ organic leaves studies, look fabulous and are on display in our art studio. Again, using white, and brown paper, mounted on black card – showcasing the intricate details of the natural subject matter. Further to this, they then produced framed Post - Impressionistic College landscape oil pastels, that are certainly making an ‘impression’ in our gallery.

Our Year 8 boys incorporated the skills of painting, calculating, and measuring to ensure the details of the subject matter draw attention to their chosen sport silhouette.
Their large canvas boards are providing a burst of colour in our walk-through gallery up in the art centre. They have been recently learning the proportions of the face with a focus on the individual facial features. Their self-portraits are looking a lot more like them, as they are working with much more confidence, intent and knowledge.
It’s always amazing to see the boys working to their potential, the hard work throughout the term is certainly worth waiting for, these mini art exhibitions.

Mrs Emily Bown
Visual Arts Teacher

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