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8 April 2022

Our classes have been working steadily throughout the term, producing some excellent work!

My Year 8 boys learnt how to create visually appealing merged sky effects. The Year 7 boys in my class have just completed impressive lino prints on a Butterfly theme, characterised by striking colour, shape and pattern. Printmaking is a discipline that requires a different kind of aesthetic in creating effective work. Boys who might struggle with drawing often find the practice of printmaking is about working with flat shapes and pattern as the emphases. Likewise, the Year 9 classes have been making lino prints on a ‘Natural Form’ theme, also producing high-calibre work!

Peter Serwan
Subject Coordinator: Art/Design
Teacher of Visual Arts

Sedcong go 0000 Year7 Linos2
Year 7 Linos

Sedcong go 0001 Sebastian Mac Intosh Yr8
Sebastian MacIntosh Year 8

Sedcong go 0002 Layer 1
Noah Oswald Year 9

Sedcong go 0003 James Williamson Yr8
James Williamson Year 8

Sedcong go 0004 James Pudney Yr10
James Pudney Year 10

Sedcong go 0005 Aston Hogben Yr9
Aston Hogben Year 9