From the Gallery

23 March 2022

We have been very busy up in the Art Studio with my years 7 – 9 Visual Art students.

Positive energy, creativity and developing confidence has been the main aim in the first half of this first term. Contour drawing using blocks of colour for visual interest and breaking the monotony of black and white has been on display in the art room. Studies of gumnuts have displayed the developing and emerging skills, showcased in their final gumnuts using black and white prisma pencils on brown paper. The brainstorming and observational drawing stage of the printmaking process has been fun. We have now transferred our simplified images onto our lino squares, ready for the carving process to begin. Stay tuned for our amazing prints of “Bumblebees + Butterflies” and of course, our big, lush leaves.

Emily Bown
Visual Arts Teacher

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