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From the Gallery

2 September 2022

The Visual Art students have been very busy up in the Art Studio.

Positive and productive energy, activating our imagination and developing skills has been our focus. We have produced contour and tonal drawings using minimal colour for visual interest and introducing a variety of media to challenge and push the boys out of their comfort zones – with fabulous results. Studies of skulls, organic matter and still-Iife set ups, have showcased the developing and varied skills, especially in their final compositions, using black and white Prisma pencils on brown paper, chalky pastels and black felt tip pens. We are now moving into post - Impressionism landscape drawings, replicating the techniques of the artists; painting ‘en plein air’. Keep an eye on this space for our upcoming printmaking and Mini Archi portraiture pieces – which are sure to make you smile.

Mrs Emily Bown
Visual Arts Teacher

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