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From the Headmaster

4 December 2020

A reflection from Headmaster Bradley Fenner on the closing weeks of the 2020 school year including the recent Intercol Cricket.

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to wish all our families well for the Christmas break ahead. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy family time, whatever form that might take, and also the time for rest and relaxation that the holiday period should offer.

As we are all well aware, this has been a challenging year in many respects. From the school perspective, this has extended into our final weeks, with limitations and restrictions on a number of the events and activities that we normally hold at this time of year. In particular, I am sorry that there have been restrictions on parents’ attendance at some of our key occasions.

I think we are all looking forward to the opportunity to turn a new page with the beginning of 2021. Whilst there will no doubt be some continuing restrictions, it also appears that these should lessen over time. One of the lessons we have learned from 2020 is the value of the regular school routine and activities that that entails. We will look forward to resuming something like our regular programs when we re-convene next year.

Again, I wish all our families a safe and happy Christmas and holiday period.

Intercol Cricket

Intercol Cricket 2020

We were very pleased to be able to complete the postponed Intercol Cricket fixture at the end of November. This enabled the Year 12 cricketers from both schools to play in their final Intercol. The match was played under conditions that were quite demanding with extreme heat. Whilst the match ended in a draw, there was some great play from both sides with a Year 12 boy from each team, Jamison Murphy from PAC, scoring 150. As always, our grounds staff did a superb job in preparing the field at relatively short notice and under difficult conditions.

School and Learning Management Systems

We continue to plan for the further development of our School Management System (SMS) and introduction of SEQTA, our new Learning Management System LMS, for the beginning of 2021. We have appointed staff member Chris Drew to assist staff in adopting SEQTA, and will provide further details about the use of the system, as well as the app that we will be using and making available to parents.

Bradley Fenner

SEQTA - An Overview