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Grandies' Morning Tea

30 April 2021

Our first Grandies’ Club event of the year and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for it!

One hundred and fifty Grandies' Club members watched the battle of the rolling pins as Thomas Catford (Year 11) and his Grandma Mary Catford took on Will Wheaton (Year 12) and his grandma Meredith Patterson to see who could produce the perfect scone. Despite the friendly banter the competition was palpable. Mrs Catford wielded the scone cutter her husband made for her five or so decades ago, whilst Mrs Patterson fought strongly but wished she had her mother’s Aga cooker closer than its home near Bute. Whilst both graduates of Wambana Thomas and Will seemed happy to leave the heavy lifting to their grandmothers!

The final presentation included Blackberry Jam made by Old Red Rob Patterson and Lord Cornish’s Luscious Fig and Ginger Conserve made by past boarding parent Katherine McBride of Conmurra Station, Kingston SE. The scones were judged by PAC Boarding legends Mrs Pauline Coupe and Mrs Jenny Toh.

Many of the Grandies also took the opportunity to visit the Boarding House (soon to turn two years of age) and to learn about boarding life from the Boarding Captains. For many Preparatory and day school Grandies this was their first encounter with Boarding life.

Most importantly, after a long break it was wonderful to welcome Grandies Club members to the College. The next Grandies Club function is a day trip to Wambana on 21 May.

David Cornish
Executive Officer
Prince Alfred College Foundation

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