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International Student Social

14 September 2021

On 4 September, the PAC and St Peter’s Girls’ School International Students Social event was held in the PAC Dining Hall.

There were 36 boys and girls who attended the event. The evening was unforgettable. There were many fun and challenging activities organised by the captains from both schools. Before the dinner, everyone gathered in M18 to participate in two games: “Guessing the Character” and “Guessing the Song”. The games aimed to demonstrate the collective effort from each table where students had to work collaboratively to provide accurate answers. With “Guessing the Characters”, our Vice-Captain Hayden Wong showed the audience a small part of famous characters from well-known cartoon movies and cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, Marge Simpson and Monkey King. Each table then needed to nominate a person to identify the character as quickly as possible in order to gain the wining point. In the same fashion, our Captain David Sun played a phrase of popular Chinese and English youth songs. The audience then needed to guess the singer and the name of the song. The competitions were intense. The boys and girls tried their best to win. The characters and songs brought back memories of our childhood heroes.

After the guessing games, the boys and girls moved to the Dining Hall and enjoyed some Asian cuisine. Our delicious food impressed our guests, and it was no surprise that the girls went back for more several times! Ms Ann Li, the International Coordinator at Saints Girls commented, “PAC offers the best food in SA’s boarding schools!” A big thanks to our Master Chef Danny and his team. We are very proud of you and we, as PAC boarders, are so lucky and spoiled!

Activities continued after dinner in the Dining Hall. The boys and girls were split into five even groups and played Things, Codenames, Wavelength, Mysterium Park and Snakesss board games. The boys and girls worked hard to follow the instructions. The night was filled with gentle whispering, genuine laughing, and even friendly shouting. The exciting and harmonious atmosphere made the event the one of the best international social we have had this year.

We are fortunate to resume school social events, especially the joint events between schools, during this challenging time. It was certainly a precious opportunity for boys to get out of the boarding house, widen their social circles and improve their connection with other international students in SA. The Australia border closure has prevented international students from returning to their home country. Therefore, it is important for us to support and look after each other under this challenging time.

Special thanks to Ms White, Mr Noble and Ms King. Also, a huge thanks to the captains for their effort in organising the activities and in ensuring the event was smooth and enjoyable. We are looking forward to the next coming social.

Martin Ng
Year 10

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