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International Students' Reception

18 August 2023

On 15 Tuesday, August, 2023, the International Students' Reception lunch was held in the Piper Pavilion. This event was held to warmly welcoming our 12 new international students who joined PAC in Term 3.

Among the new students, seven students joined the Middle School, and five joined the Preparatory School. Nearly 100 EALD boys from all year levels, ranging from Reception to Year 12, came together, alongside School Captains, Prefects, and staff members.

To begin, Captain of International Students, Simon, extended a warm welcome to the new boys. He praised their courage in embracing education in a new country and encouraged experienced international students to welcome the new students with open arms. He also urged the newcomers to take pride in the College's rich history and cultural diversity, fostering a sense of pride in being part of the international student community.

Next, Vice-Captain Jinkai Guo openly offered his support to those who might need it. He stressed that teachers, peers, and the international cohort are always there to assist. He also encouraged older boys to take on leadership roles and stay focused on their studies. Additionally, the Preparatory School Captains of Languages, Yingcong (Leo) and William, teamed up to deliver a meaningful speech.

Lastly, Headmaster Mr Roberts expressed his gratitude to the new students and their parents for entrusting their sons to PAC. He recognised the courage and diverse cultural backgrounds they brought to the PAC community, emphasising their valuable contributions.

This event marks the beginning of the educational journey for our new international students and serves as a gathering to celebrate the diverse community at PAC.

Written by Naiwen (Gavin),Year 10