HSMC Maths Comp Winners

Mathematics Achievements

13 April 2023

On 8 March 2023, close to 150 Prince Alfred College students participated in the 62nd South Australian Hamann School Mathematics Competition (HSMC). The HSMC is South Australia’s elite mathematics competition and arguably one of the most challenging of the competitions our boys undertake.

Participants solve 24 questions in 90 minutes, using their knowledge of the curriculum and problem-solving skills they have acquired in class, and in additional preparation sessions.

Preparatory School students prepared in extension classes, run by Miss Harradine and Mr Harradine. Year 7-8 students in the X_Maths and the Standard + classes prepared in their lessons and for this year group, a Co-Curricular Mathematics opportunity is also offered, being held fortnightly on Sundays, run by Miss Harradine and Mrs Matthews. Year 9 Standard +, Standard ++ and the 10A classes also engaged in non-routine problem-solving in their lessons, while Senior boys (Year 11 and 12) had preparation sessions during lunchtime on Wednesdays, organised by Mrs Matthews.

Any award in this competition is a very pleasing effort, but placing in the top 10 in any division is a truly wonderful achievement. Award winners will be recognised at the Presentation Night to be held at Pembroke School on 9th May 2023.

It is with great pride we report our results:


Lucas Pizzino, First Place

Aidan Chen, Equal Second Place

Jet Yiv, Equal Second Place

James Dobbins, Distinction

Johnny Chong, Credit


Milo Kotzee, Equal Second

Harry Paholski, Seventh Place

Daniel Foo, High Distinction

Ansh Tiwari, Distinction

Max Zeng, Distinction

Xavier Lim, Distinction

Achyut, Chopra, Credit

Toby Munt, Credit

James Selby, Credit

Will Pledge, Credit


Owen Chen, Fifth Place

Zihao Zeng, High Distinction

Adam Lee, Distinction

Henry Yang, Distinction

Haoyang (Thomas) Yu, Distinction

David Jia, Credit


Eric Sun, Distinction

Tianyu Sun, Distinction

Shengqi Huo, Distinction

As in the last two years, Secondary School students can earn Mathematics House Points with their results in competitions, which will contribute to the Wesley Cup at the end of the year. Thanks to some outstanding individual achievements, Waterhouse is currently enjoying an unprecedented lead.

Mathematics House Points as at March 2023

Maths Points Table