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13 April 2022

In 1991, two French teachers inspired by the Australian Mathematics Competition decided to start a similar competition in France.

They called it the ‘Kangaroo’ to pay tribute to their Australian friends. Now known as Kangourou sans Frontières or ‘Kangaroo without Borders’, it is one of the largest Mathematics competitions in the world, with more than 6 million participants each year.

This year we had a particularly enthusiastic Junior team, consisting of eleven Year 7 students, who trained during lunchtimes in the lead up to the big day. On the 17th of March sixteen Secondary School students participated in the Australian competition in three divisions: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. They were faced with the challenge of solving 30 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes. The results are already in and we are proud to report their success.


Milo Kotzee (Year 7)
Will Pledge (Year 7)
Max Zeng (Year 7)
Daniel Foo (Year 7)
Charles Tang (Year 7)
Alexander Oakes (Year 7)
Caleb Tang (Year 10)
Winston Huang (Year 11)


Harry Paholski (Year 7)
Toby Munt (Year 7)
Xavier Lim (Year 7)
Owen Chen (Year 9)

High Distinction

Tianyu Sun (Year 11)

Congratulations to all participants and award winners!

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School Mathematics Competition 2022

Just a week later, close to 200 Secondary School students sat the 61st South Australian School Mathematics Competition for Society of Petroleum (SPE) Prizes.

Just like in the KSF, they competed in three categories, solving questions for 3 and 4 marks (without presenting their methods) and for 5 marks, where they had to provide detailed reasoning.

We are eagerly waiting to find out their achievements and hoping to receive numerous invitations to the Presentation Night, which will take place at the end of Term 2.

PAC Mathematics Team Competition 2022 Term 1

Throughout the term teams of threes tested their problem and puzzle solving skills against classmates, in two Year 8 classes and in the Year 9 enrichment class.

In both rounds they faced challenging tasks and familiar or new types of puzzles. While they all knew the rules of SUDOKU, not one team managed to solve it under time pressure – can you?

It was pleasing to see how much their working out and reasoning improved between the rounds, especially in Year 9. Today the winning teams were announced in the enrichment classes and students received congratulations and tuck shop vouchers from Ms Roe, Academic Leader of Mathematics, for their fine achievement.

Marta Matthews
Mathematics Enrichment Coordinator

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Year 8 winners: Isaac Yu, Caleb Sam-Ling, David Jia
20220411 092845
Year 9 winners: Sam Pheasant, Aidan Foo, Owen Chen