Prefect Development Camp

25 October 2022

On the 16th of October, the newly appointed Prefects departed PAC at 7am to Scott’s Creek, to begin their Prefect Development Camp. The camp is integral for the boys to form bonds with each other, understand their role as a Prefect and to develop leadership skills which will be important for their character and as a Prefect in 2022/23 and beyond.

To begin leadership development, on Day 1, we focused on team dynamics, where the boys underwent refinement of our purpose as a prefect, creating a trademark and deciding on agreed behaviour for all prefects to follow. After a long day of discussion, debating and a some frustration, ultimately, all Prefects agreed on the following.

Our Purpose:

To ambitiously pursue our initiatives for the benefit of the College community.

Our non-negotiables:

  1. We will maintain a strong and consistent presence throughout the College.
  2. We will set a positive example through our actions and conduct.
  3. We will consider the College & community voice.
  4. We will maintain discipline and principle in all we do.
  5. We will develop respectful and trusting relationships with members of the College community.
  6. We will provide passionate and creative service.

Day 2 started off with breakfast right before we commenced more team dynamic exercises involving trust. Day 2 ultimately outlined the mechanics of the prefect role and the trust and accountability that we must have with each other. Mr Roberts visited after breakfast, where he provided a masterclass on the responsibilities of a leader and the acceptable actions that must be taken.

After this, the Prefects decided on the portfolios that they would like to follow throughout 2022/23. After a reasonably smooth decision-making phase, the boys settled with their desired roles. The boys then split up into two groups, one group working on future directions on their portfolios and the other group undertaking the leap of faith with the option of being blindfolded. The groups then switched and following this, a brief wrap up of the boy’s thoughts of the camp, then departing for PAC.

Mark Dell’Oro
Head of Student Leadership & Management

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