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Prefect Development Camp

21 October 2021

Recently the newly elected 2022 Prefect body participated in a two-day development camp at the colleges Scotts Creek campus.

Prior to departure, the boy were visited by current 2021 prefects to talk about the next few days ahead. Over the camp, they had done several team building exercises to work better as a group and developed their team dynamics. This also further built the teamwork that is crucial to any functioning team. The prefects had got to know each other better and learn about those they might not have interacted with much before.

The boys took part in a number of activities ranging from the ever present ‘classic’ of team building, ‘speed dating’, to the more unique and adventurous ‘leap of faith’. The leap of faith required a climb to the top of a platform where one must then jump outwards in the hope of grasping onto a hanging bar. Whilst some were highly successful in replicating the elegant grace of a trapezist, it was great to see the entirety of the group take part in the daunting challenge. Another highlight of the activities was our effort in disregarding all delicacy and technique in an effort to empty a container in a cordoned off zone. The boys completed the task by lifting the lightest member of the group over the cordoned off zone using ropes in a spider web fashion, providing a great sense of accomplishment for all. Additionally, they also participated in the marshmallow tower challenge, whereby a tower was created in groups under timed conditions. This enhanced the teamwork and problem solving skills crucial for a high performing team.

One of the first things we covered as a group was deciding on a trademark, a purpose, and non-negotiable behaviours. There was a lot of agreement in the group around the idea that we wanted to make the college a more unified place and community. Our purpose was summarised as, "To inspire and guide our College community to uphold the values of the Princes Man". The trademark we created, distinctive to our group was "One College, One Community", emphasising the sense of unity we seek to bring about. Our non-negotiable behaviours continued this theme, focusing on the prefect group being active and supporting all aspects of life at the college.

Amongst the many activities, few were of more importance than deciding the portfolios which we would work within during our tenure. Up for offer were the six portfolios of: House, SRC, Ambassadors, Student Life, Chapel and Fundraising. With such a diverse group, we had all bases covered, ending up with roughly five prefects per portfolio. With initial portfolio meeting and planning sessions already taking place, I’m sure plenty will be achieved in the coming year!

Patrick Femia, Thomas North, Ryan Schwartz and Henry Grey.

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