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The Forktree Project

11 June 2021

In Term 2, a group Year 12 students and staff volunteers took part in The Forktree Project on a former pastoral property on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Ten students and a range of committed staff made the College’s initial volunteer contribution to the significant sustainability and biodiversity endeavour led by Tim Jarvis and Elizabeth Blumer: the Forktree Project. Fortuitously on the day after World Environment Day on 6 June, which saw the UN set an ambitious target for “re-wilding” land across the globe; PAC boys were doing precisely that at the stunning 53 hectare property on the Fleurieu mid-coast.

Initiated by Ms Melody Marshall with her Year 12 Tutor Group, the Project offers much in the way of curriculum opportunity; the sheer breadth of aspirations for the property connect with ecology and species loss within Science, and Economics and Geography represented with the land degradation and recovery and management of the commons.

As our first foray, over $2000 worth of bricks were salvaged from waste previously dumped on the property and enough rubble was “cleaned” to provide material for 30 metres of compacted farm tracks, necessary before the onset of winter: some excellent “circular economy” in action. Tree plantings now follow, with saplings numbering in the thousands ready for this season, to be either infill planted or onto fresh areas on the property – a key part of the re-wilding. As the College commitment develops, there is no doubt that fascinating Research Projects and IB Extended Essay opportunities will emerge. As a Tutor group activity, students commented: "it was a way for us to give back. A way for us to walk the talk."

Chris McGuire
Academic Leader – Cross-Curricular Programs

"The day proved to be highly worthwhile, insightful, meaningful and motivating. The work of Tim and Elizabeth is something that can teach us a plethora of lessons on sustainability and the impacts and consequences of our everyday actions in a global context."

Aedan Bolwell and Gavin Centofanti - Year 11

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