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Wild weather for re-wilding

14 June 2022

Sunday 5 June was World Environment Day, asking those across the world to live more sustainably with nature.

A group of ten committed Princes men from years 10 and 12 participated in the College’s fourth visit to the Forktree Project on the Southern Fleurieu, taking this to heart. Stream showers swept in from the Gulf, regularly sweeping us under cover yet yielding opportunity to dig softer soil on a troublesome fenceline along a difficult slope. It was muddy and despite the challenges the progress made was very satisfying; the joys of volunteering were shared.

Hosted by Liz and Tim Jarvis, The Forktree Project has now connected more than fifty PAC boys with better thinking and better living through offering their help to re-wild this beautiful location. Environmental Scientist and experienced mountaineer Tim, shared late in the day “I’ve taken groups of adults on extreme adventure travel in the past and there’s been times they haven’t shown as much endeavour as you boys did today!”

Next visit late winter: Ready for springtime, Sunday 28 August.

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