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Year 10 Production Gizmo

14 June 2022

Earlier in Term 2, the Year 10 Drama class performed Gizmo by Alan Ayckbourn to the year 8 and 9 Drama cohorts, parents, friends, and staff of Prince Alfred College.

Gizmo was an outrageous physical comedy that commented on our reliance on technology and outlined the dangers in the misuse and dependency on technological equipment. This was an excellent production that showcased the class’s skills in character development, ensemble work, creativity, and endurance. Under the guidance of their teacher/director Ms Rebecca Hassam, the students worked collaboratively to foster a positive rapport in a unified vision to create their final polished performance. This class performance project was not just a unifying experience but also encouraged student agency and creative leadership in their autonomous decision making. This was exemplified in the development of character nuance, onstage character relationships and decision making in relation to production elements used to further the messages in the production. During the process of the production, the class were given the opportunity to work with industry professionals Ruth Fallon and Nino Pilla, two accomplished stage combat artists to further their skills in the stage combat aspects of the production. Gizmo was well received with stand-out performances from the class.

The entire cast gave strong and cohesive performances. The set, sound and lighting lifted the production to a higher level, creating an engaging and convincing performance.

Year 10 Parent

It is such a witty play with sharp commentaries on the relationship between man and technology. I am most pleasantly surprised with how well the cast, in particular the leads, of the production performed! It was certainly a joy to watch.

Year 10 Parent

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