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Angus Read

Angus Read was born at Johnburg, the son of a farmer and from his school at Peterborough won the Arnold Davey Scholarship which enabled him to complete his schooling at PAC, where he was the only student in the Leaving Honours list. He furthered his studies at Adelaide University in Accountancy and Economics. 

Angus Read’s career was banking with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia from 1926-1960, during which he was involved in the establishment of the Reserve Bank of Australia, becoming Manager for South Australia in 1964. 

In 1969 Angus Read commenced fifteen years of service to the College Council, including the position of Treasurer from 1976-1984, during which time he built on the school’s financial management foundation established by Harry Williams. He was also an early Trustee of the PAC Foundation. 

As a proud Old Red he is remembered as a gentleman and a man of integrity, who used his financial management skills for the school’s benefit.