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Ben Tidswell

Dr Ben Tidswell has served with distinction as chair of the College Council since 2009 and prior to this for eleven years on the board of the PAC Foundation Inc. 

Dr Tidswell described his motivations in serving Prince Alfred College.

“My driving passion for having spent almost twenty years involved with contributing to the governance and fundraising at PAC is a strong belief that education is the foundation that allows societies and individuals to prosper. The College provides a wonderful all-round education that in my view is critical in equipping young men with the many skills required to make a contribution to our society and to enrich their own lives. It is a responsibility of privilege to continue to strive to make society a stronger and fairer one. Prince Alfred College also has the responsibility to strive to ensure it is a strong leader in boys’ education, providing a caring and compassionate environment and that these qualities are reflected in its graduates - Our Princes Men”.