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Douglas McKay

Douglas McKay is remembered by Princes boys who knew him in his capacity as School Doctor from 1953 to 1978.

Dr McKay was known to countless children and their parents for his years of service as a paediatric surgeon at the Children's Hospital (now the Women's and Children's). Dr McKay was the hospital's Superintendent, a member of its board for 28 years, an Honorary Surgeon (later Emeritus Surgeon), and was appointed Life Governor in 1976. His gentle nature and ability to work with children earned him the respect of both colleagues and staff.

Dr McKay's service to child and community health in South Australia included more than 20 years as President of the Neurological Research Foundation, lecturing in surgical diseases of children at the University of Adelaide, 45 years with the management of the Lady Gowrie Child Care Centre, and 36 years as a member of the National Fitness Council of South Australia. It has been said that Douglas McKay devoted his life to children in sickness and in health.