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Herbert Basedow

Herbert Basedow was a man of many talents - an anthroplogist, geologist, explorer, medical practitioner, director of and adviser to mining companies, politician, and author of many books and articles.

Basedow was born at 2 Pirie Street, Kent Town where he lived all his life and which is now the site of the preparatory school library/classroom/computing centre ‘Ningana’, named after the family home and meaning 'place to sit and reflect'. He was educated in Germany and at Prince Alfred College and undertook further studies at London, Gottingen, and Breslau universities.

Herbert Basedow was regarded as an authority on Australian Aboriginal people and devoted much of his life to their welfare. He led many expeditions into exploring much of inland Australia and published works about his trips. He was also a pioneering conservationist, fighting for the establishment of reserves for native flora and fauna and the preservation of Aboriginal sites. A mountain, botanical species, and insects bear the name of Herbert Basedow in recognition of his contribution in many fields.