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Llewellin Davey

Dr Llewellin Davey is remembered with affection for many reasons: he was the School doctor for 25 years, he could be seen driving into Princes in his pink and grey 1961 SB Holden as a centenarian, and he shared the platform at Old Old Boys Assembly with his son Geoff (PAC 1929-1935). 

Llewellin Davey was a successful scholar and played football and tennis (continuing to play the latter until his mid-90s). He studied medicine at the University of Adelaide and served as a general practitioner in country areas and in Payneham. Dr Davey attended his first Old Old Boys Assembly in 1969 and had an unbroken run as the oldest old boy from 1980. Each year he would speak of his affection for the School and display his delightful sense of humour. On his death The Chronicle wrote: ‘Dr Davey's life stands as an example to every Prince's Man of the complete Christian gentleman and scholar. His presence will be sorely missed, but his legend will live on.’