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Malcolm McLachlan

Malcolm McLachlan served on the College Council for twenty five years from 1971 including ten years as school Treasurer, and was instrumental in the establishment of the school’s Endowment Fund. He was also active in the establishment of the PAC Foundation, and is a past President and honorary life member of the PAOCA. 

Malcolm McLachlan’s vision for PAC was of a school which could weather difficult financial times and the threat of the withdrawal of government assistance. As the school Treasurer McLachlan used his experience as a stockbroker to build the Endowment Fund with the principal aim of securing the school’s long term financial security, and this strategy is what has backed the development of the school over the last twenty years. 

This far sightedness and significant commitment of time lead PAC historian Ron Gibbs to settle that Malcolm McLachlan has been ‘one of the most significant contributors to the school in the whole of its history.’ Malcolm’s perspective is that his contribution is nothing special, he just wanted to do it.