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Neil Smart

Neil Smart was a boarder from the mid north of South Australia during the Great Depression, and his family was able to send him to Princes for only one year. It was a year Neil Smart considered critical to his development, and he regretted not having had the opportunity to be at Prince Alfred College for a longer period of time.

Neil Smart's experience instilled in him the desire to help Prince Alfred College to provide high standard facilities for its students, enabling them to have a quality education that would form the foundation of their careers. With this desire Neil Smart made a significant bequest in his estate to the school, and this became known following his death in 2000.

The Neil Smart Memorial Building, which was opened in 2006, is a reminder of one boy's year at the school, his recognition of the impact this had on him, and his desire to ensure that future generations of Princes’ students would benefit from the very best educational facilities.