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Percy Correll

Percy Correll also took part in the Mawson expedition to Antarctica of 1911 to 1914, in the role of photographer, and was the youngest member of the expedition.

During the expedition he worked closely with Cecil Madigan and, following a survey expedition of seventy days, proved that the ice cliffs for 300 miles east of the main base were unscalable. It is reported that on this journey rations were augmented by seal, and that they had an emperor penguin for Christmas lunch! Later, Correll returned on the second voyage of the supply vessel. For his work in the Antarctic Correll was awarded the Polar Medal.

In later years Percy Correll became an inventor, including the invention of effective but difficult to produce car headlight lenses used by the SA Police. Little of this period, and his later life, is known as he became reclusive, leaving instructions that his death not be publicised.