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Reginald Hall

Reg Hall’s commitment to the governance or Prince Alfred College was a long term one, commencing with his election to the PAOCA committee in 1949. This was followed by 32 years membership of the Electoral Committee and 22 years service to the College Council, including 17 years as Secretary from 1954-1971. 

In 1948 Reg Hall was joint organizer of the school fete with Norman Todd. The fete was held on the front oval and raised over £7000 for the World War Two Memorial Fund which enabled the construction of a two storey classroom building, which was later rebuilt as the Neil Smart Memorial Building. 

Reg Hall was a founding member of the Prince Alfred College Foundation. He was also one of a group of far sighted Old Reds who saw the need for a second Methodist boys school in Adelaide and served on both the founding committee and fundraising committee of Westminster School.

Reg Hall would be proud to know his great-grandsons are the firth generation of the Hall family to attend Prince Alfred College.