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Rev. Charles Perry ED

The Rev. Charles Perry was appointed the school’s first chaplain by Headmaster Ward in 1945. In his history of the school, Mr Ward wrote: ‘The unanimous choice of the Committee fell upon Rev. C.J. Perry, a minister, and an old boy of the school, whose experience as a chaplain in both World Wars, and whose early reputation as a league footballer, gave him a standing among boys that few other ministers would have’. He remained chaplain until 1955.

The son of a Methodist minister, Perry saw service as a military chaplain during WWI. He returned to South Australia and ministered to a number of suburban and country parishes in the inter war years. During WWII he again served as a military chaplain, this time to personnel on troop ships.

Known as ‘Redwing’, Perry had been a champion footballer for Norwood and for a time coached the school team. On one occasion he tied for first in the count for the Magarey Medal but lost on a count back.