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Simon Brown

At the age of 21 Simon Brown identified a niche for an innovative and environmentally friendly recycler of demolition materials at demolition sites. Thus was launched Resourceco, with a staff of Simon and one labourer.

Twelve years later Resourceco employed 70 staff, recycles in excess of 800,000 tonnes of a variety of waste products, and has operations in South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. Resourceco offers its customers services including contract crushing, the recycling of asphalt and steel, site remediation, research and product development and environmental strategy consulting. The most exciting project on Resourceo's books is working with Australian and overseas industries to turn waste into valuable products, and exploring opportunities to make us of waste as an alternative source of fuel. 

In 2002 Resourceco won the Telstra and Australian Government Business of the Year. The future for Simon Brown and Resourceco follows the vision of ‘excelling in resource recovery and commercial performance by using innovative technology to transform waste into useable product.’