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Sir Ivor Hele CBE

Ivor Hele showed early promise as an artist, and with encouragement left to study in England shortly after finishing at the School.

WWII gave Hele a major break and his works as an official war artist are an important component of the Australian War Memorial's record of this conflict, including scenes of major battles, simple sketches and portraits of the military leaders of the time. Similar work was undertaken by Hele during the Korean War.

Hele excelled in the field of portraiture, and a procession of the nation's leaders trekked to his Aldinga Studio, which he rarely left for nearly fifty years, to have their portraits painted. Success was to win him the Archibald Prize in 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955 and 1957. He painted Sir Robert Menzies five times.

Hele’s portrait of Mr Dunning, who was Headmaster from 1949 to 1969, hangs in the School.